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Customer experience

Deliver the experience they expect and love!

When customers reach you, you need to provide them with an seamless omnichannel experience and our solutions match these criterias.

  • Many channels available
  • Multi-device, multi-platform
  • Suggestion of channels in real time according to their availability
  • Respect of the communicated processing times to avoid multiple requests
  • Direct transmission to the most qualified personel
  • Customer call back on a new validated schedule in case of high traffic
  • Diversion of flows to self-care tools (chatbot, voicebot, emailbot, etc.)

As well as:

  • Prioritization of best customers during the orchestration
  • Provision of tools to better support customers (co-navigation …)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys via emails, sms and outgoing calls

Employee experience

Ease your agents’ daily like to improve customer satisfaction!

We provide your employees with all the resources they need to handle customer requests quickly and efficiently.

  • Diversion of flows to self-care tools (chatbot, voicebot, emailbot, etc.)
  • Automatic sequence of the next request to be processed
  • Management of all flows and tasks from a single interface
  • Raising the customer context in the 360 ​​vision to avoid multiple queries
  • Possibility of carrying out all the actions related to a client
  • Process simultaneously several requests
  • Process of different types of requests to avoid boredom
  • Management of its personal planning
  • Access to its individual performances

As well as:

  • Display of customer interests to generate cross-sell
  • Provision of human resources planning tools
  • Provision of monitoring tools for real-time and future activity
  • Detailed archives and reports to identify areas for continuous improvement
  • Display of the complete customer’s activity to process complaints
  • Orchestration rules set up

360° experience

You dreamed of it,
we made it true!

Imagine being able to automatically push tasks to all of your employees. It is now possible thanks to the 360​​° experience, now all of your business tools communicate with each others to save you time, to organise the daily workload of your agents and to improve your customer service.

  • Manage your employees’ workload
  • Single interface for customer’s requests and daily tasks
  • Proactive delivery and at the right time
  • Prioritization of tasks according to their criticality
  • Distribution of flows to the right skill

As well as :

  • Daily, historical and real-time reports
  • Customizing cross-platform distribution rules
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Better staff motivation


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Space Cx :
collaborators without borders

CX days the 12th of Dec. 2020 - 14h45

Health constraints have prompted companies to review the organisation of their teams. No matter what workspace your employees work in, we’ll show you how virtualization can transform your organisation in the pursuit of one goal : better customer experience.


Les contraintes sanitaires ont poussé les entreprises à revoir l’organisation de leurs équipes. Découvrez comment la virtualisation transforme l’organisation au service de l’expérience client.

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